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Dakshinayana in Astrology or Jyotish

Dakshinayan in Astrology or Jyotish

Dakshinayana in Jyotish or Astrology

Dakshinayana in Jyotish / Astrology: -

Dakshinayana in Jyotish or Indian Astrology is the time of six months in Indian Astrology in which Sun transits through Kark (4), Singh (5), Kanya (6), Tula (7), Vrishchik (8) & Dhanu (9) rashis respectively. It starts from 'Kark Sankrati' (around mid of July) every year. During this time interval 'Dinmaan' continuously decreases every next day & 'Raatrimaan' continuously increases. Direction of sun rise is seen to be changing from North-East to South-East. In these six months the seasons of 'Varsha', 'Sharad' & 'Hemant' come one after another for every two months.