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Working Principle of Vedic Astrology

Working Principle of Indian Vedic Astrology: -

Planets in sky keep on revolving around the Sun continuously & during their movement they keep on acquiring different positions. Thousands of years ago sages in India discovered through their sixth sense that there exist a relationship between the position of planets at the time of birth of a person & various events that happen in his life as well as his/her personality traits. This constitutes the principle of Indian Vedic Astrology. Indian Vedic Astrology is called 'Jyotish' in Hindi language which has been derived from the word 'Jyoti'. 'Jyoti' means Light. 'Jyotish' means to throw upon light on a person's life.

Astrology is an important part of 'Vedas'. It is considered as an eye in Vedic literature. The main objective of 'Vedas' is to attain God and to minimize problems of life. Time is considered as the basis of Indian Astrology. Movement of celestial bodies help determining time. Stars, constellations and planets are celestial bodies. Vedic Astrology or 'Jyotish' is that subject in which we can see real miraculous talent of our Indian sages or 'Rishis'. What conclusions today's scientists have arrived upon after doing complicated mathematical calculations and using developed scientific instruments, our Indian sages of ancient India arrived upon those conclusions when there were no such advance resources available. They used their sixth sense to arrive upon those conclusions. There can be disputes or a debate regarding predictive Astrology but Astronomy on which calculation part of Vedic Astrology is based is a pure Science.

Mathematical formulas which were derived by some genius Indians thousands of years back are found to be still valid today. Like, dividing sky in 27 constellations and 12 zodiac signs, ascertaining relative speeds between planets, their satellites and constellations and on the basis of it ascertaining their positions in the sky much in advance, to ascertain speed of celestial bodies determination of their angular velocities, dividing sky in 360° and not only this, for minute measurements of angles, formation of concept of degrees, minutes and seconds, accurate calculations, much in advance, regarding solar eclipse and lunar eclipse was possible thousands of years ago.

Nomenclature of ascending and descending nodes of apparent paths of Sun and Moon as Rahu and Ketu respectively is still valid today which is essential for the advance calculation of eclipses. Modern Science took long time in arriving at this conclusion that there exists a strong bonding among celestial bodies and entire universe works as a unit whereas the Science of Astrology has been using this assumption since thousands of years.