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Calculation Part (Astrology) / Ganit Jyotish


Calculation Part (Astrology) or Ganit Jyotish

Calculation Part of Astrology or Ganit Jyotish: -

In this part, birth details of a person: - date of birth, month of birth, year of birth, time of birth a.m./p.m., place of birth (village / city, district, state & country) are gathered and then position of planets at the time of birth of the person is calculated using some astronomical calculations. A 'panchang' or Ephemeris was used for this purpose earlier but nowadays many computer softwares on Indian Astrology are available to do this job & moreover with out any effort & with in no time. A horoscope is generated after calculations which consists of Lagna Kundli (Birth Chart), Chandra Kundli (Moon Chart), Navamansh Kundli & other divisional charts as well as tables consisiting details of Vinshottari Mahadasha-Antardasha-Pratyantardasha, Yogini Dashas and Ashtottari dashas.