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Indian Months / Desi Mahine: -

Names of 12 Indian Months / Desi Months / Desi Mahine (according to the Solar Calendar) are as follows: - Chaitra, Baisakh or Vaishakh, Jyeshth, Ashaadh, Shraavan or Saavan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik, Margsheersh, Paush, Magh, Falgun.

12 Indian Months / Desi Months / Desi Mahine
(According to the Solar Calendar)
S. No.Desi Month
(mid Mar - mid Apr)
(mid Apr - mid May)
(mid May - mid Jun)
(mid Jun - mid July)
(mid July - mid Aug)
(mid Aug - mid Sep)
(mid Sep - mid Oct)
(mid Oct - mid Nov)
(mid Nov - mid Dec)
(mid Dec - mid Jan)
(mid Jan - mid Feb)
(mid Feb - mid Mar)

A question raised by a visitor of this site (Mr. Jatinder Kumar Tomar) regarding confusion regarding desi month : -

Dear Sir,

Good Morning,

I am very impressed by the information you have provided on your website, and for general knowledge I usually read that information very keenly.

Yesterday I had an argument with one of my friend, and we could not come to any conclusion.
You are better person who can answer the query.
Query is as follows:

Kal Maine unko Kaha hai ke 21 June 2021 ko Jeth mahine ki ekadashi hai.
Vo kehne lage ke ye ashadh ka mahina hai.
Maine unko akhbaar me dikha diya jisme jeth likha Hua tha,
To unhone Punjabi ka newspaper dikha diya jisme ashad likha Hua tha.
phir unhone Gurudwara walo ki jantri dikha di, jisme ashad likha Hua tha, Lekin panchang me jeth ka mahina dikha raha tha.

Ab aapse prarthna hai ke Aap is dwand ka Hal nikaal Kar kripya bataye ke 21 June 2021 ko kaun sa mahina chal raha tha.

If you can answer it I shall be grateful for you.

Thanking You,
Jatinder Kumar

Answer provided by Dr.A.S.Kalra: -

Desi Calendar is of two types: - (1) Solar Calendar, (2) Lunar Calendar

Solar - Based upon presence of the 'Niryan' or Sidereal Sun in 12 different zodiac signs round the year

Lunar - Based upon phases of the Moon: - Amaavasya ---> Poonima ----> Amavasya -->...

This way desi months are of two types: -

(1) First one are according to the Solar Calender (according to the position of Sun in some particular zodiac sign or 'Rashi') (this is Desi Solar Month / 'Saur Maas'): - It is according to the presence of the Sun in some particular zodiac sign........... In this system, as we know, 'Sankranti' takes place when Sun transits from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign (in the middle of every English month around the 15th date of every month and which can be 16th or 17th or 14th date in some other month also). Desi solar month is from the middle of one english month to the middle of the next English month.

(2) According to the Lunar Calender (according to the phases of Moon) ('Chandra Kala' par adhaarit) (this is Desi Lunar Month / 'Chandra Maas' on which an Indian 'Panchaang' is made): - In North India, it is according to the phases of Moon from one Black Moon ('Amaavasya') to another next Black Moon and in the middle of which Full Moon or 'Poonima' takes place. In South India, it is according to the phases of Moon from Full Moon ('Poornima') to another next Full Moon and in the middle of which Black Moon or 'Amaavasya' takes place.

Whenever you have to see desi month and desi dates, first you should try to know whether the calender is Solar or Lunar.

Panchaangs are based upon the Lunar calendar and all festival dates are also according to lunar. So lunar dates should be taken into consideration.

Regarding the date of your discussion 21 June 2021

On 21 June 2021: -

(1) According to the Solar Calendar it was the month of 'Aashaadh'. So your friend was correct.

(2) According to the Lunar Calendar it was Shukla paksha Ekadashi of Jyeshth maas. So you were also correct.

But as Lunar dates are given importance everywhere in India so practically you were more correct.